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feat: volume control on up/down button during playback

it would be great to be able to control the volume during playback with the up/down on the remote. also would be nice if you could set a default volume in settings.

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    Tim shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 
      • Kamen Nikolov commented  · 

        It's a big hassle to use two different remote controls to control the playback and the volume. And what if my speakers did't have remote control?

      • Patrik commented  · 

        Looking for a media player to play FLAC (multichannel FLAC too!), without having to start my HTPC, this looked promising, until I learned that volume control hasn't been implemented. I used foobar2000 with foo_upnp to play to the HTPC, controlled with PlugPlayer, at the moment. Supports FLAC (including multichannel) AND volume control.

      • mscary commented  · 

        Wondering how WD can ignore such a basic feature. WD should seriously think to implement volume control feature in next upgrades.

      • ibrahim commented  · 

        I am surprised that we even have to vote for such a standard feature that is a given in the most basic media players available in the market. I was dissapointed to say the least when i bought my WD HD and found out that i have to go through a big hassel just to control the volume. WD, kindly respond.

      • akapuma commented  · 

        Please, add volume control in WDTV Gen. 2, too. I'm using my WDTV Gen. 2 with a computer display and active speakers. I have no remote control for the speakers. I use the WDTV in my bedroom. If I want to change volume, I must rise from bed. Please, let me stay in bed.

        Thanks in advance


      • zeman commented  · 

        A volume control is very important, WD TV, have to consider it in the next update, I hope it's soon for some time that there is no upgrades.

      • signo.remi commented  · 

        pour moi c'est l'un des énorme defaut de ce boitier, ayant un écran lcd de pc en guise d'écran tv, le réglage du son est très pénible a régler :(

        merci pour l'aide de WD

      • AleT commented  · 

        If you have just a final stage power amplifier like my case, no chance to hear it directly from the RCA connector of WDTV, because even with the higher grade of attenuation it gets clipped. I should add a pot IR controlled which costs more than WDTV and I must see another remote in my living room, Volume control for non AV users is mandatory and it should not be a big deal.

      • METDeath commented  · 

        The WD TV probably uses line level output for the audio, to allow your device (and the file itself) to determine volume, if you want to use it as a complicated iPod, get a set of powered speakers that have a volume nob on them.

      • Nour commented  · 

        We really need valume control in this device

      • Thomas Feldt commented  · 

        This is a very important feature for me, and many others who like to listen to musik on active speakers, with no controls. (I have a nice pair of minipod speakers and minibass sub, with great sound ) .Fore the time being I have a Abigs mediaplayer to play my movies ( iso), and mp3, and it's a must to be able to turn up and down on the volume.
        I would like to buy a wdtv, becourse it also plays flac, but I have to wait for this feature with the wolume contol to be emplmentet in future updates.

      • artemov.sergey commented  · 

        Please, Please, Please
        (for example: need command and can use other Remote control)

        eyes( cat from Shrek II)

      • anucestudiografico commented  · 

        Something basic, almost any cr with control volume. WD dont say anything?

      • Tim commented  · 

        ofcourse we need the option to set volume at a higher level then currently is outputted. why? the current output volume should not be the max volume. (its way too low) give users the option to make not only softer than it is now, but also louder.

      • papiplin commented  · 

        Any answer WD, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, many people with no deco, come on.

      • kikegimenez commented  · 

        Or in left and right buttom, dont care. But tell us something about this today please.

      • fotosppb commented  · 

        Well.... easy, not sure but it's true that's important for people with no av. Let's consider please. Any answer of WD?

      • estudioevent commented  · 

        Yeah, besides it would be easy to do. For all the people that dont have av, please.

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