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Support for network adapters and network shares

Support for some wired and wireless adapter chipsets.
Support for playing media from network shares (NFS and Windows) and UPnP DLNA.
Most of the work behind it's just done by custom firmwares, so it couldn't be so difficult to add.

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    cionci shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Tomi commented  · 


        i have problems connecting to the wireless network using DWA-131, i'm using the latest WD TV live firmware.

        the device cannot get the IP address, i tried this with open network & also wep encryption but no success.

        do you have a any suggestions?

      • bobbyadamsjr commented  · 

        Well just to let you all know I got a O!Play HD and it works great , and for the same amount I paid for WD DVP 1. I can do everything everyone else including me have been waiting for WD to do for the gen. 1 it also has built in WIFI

      • James Maxwell commented  · 

        The new ASUS O! PLAY comes with wifi and cardreader. And also plays DTS without any problem. WDTV live is now a step behind....maybe..... two steps.

      • loudenvier commented  · 

        WD should seriously consider implementing this. It will not compete against their WDTV-Live which has the network port because you'll still need extra USB (wire or wireless) network dongles, so, price-wise and performance-wise it will be better for a new buyer to get the WDTV-Live... On the other hand, WD will show its commitment to its userbase by allowing current owners of WDTV (who will hardly buy again the WDTV-Live) to enjoy this highly desired functionality. WD's PR team need to work a little better, their hardware and design team seems to be working alone with backup from the PR people! How can they do not recognize that this will be a great addition to their product and won't compete with their other offerings?

      • METDeath commented  · 

        Dammit bobbykimadams, that's not a media player, that's a wireless scan converter..

      • Nick Nack commented  · 

        Other than the additional hardware supported features on WD TV Live, such as the network port, what functionality does the WD TV Live have that the WD TV doesn't? Is there a chart comparison somewhere?

        I agree that they should be able to support a list of wireless USB network devices, but they don't even offer that for the WD TV Live... yet. So why are people fussing?

      • Mohammad Laif commented  · 

        yahoooooo we have been get f***ed by WD

      • radu commented  · 

        yooo guys.... there is wdtv live on the market.... www.wdtvlive.com.... and it has DTS and ethernet support.... we got screwed ??..

      • bobbykimadams commented  · 

        It looks like the ROKU DVP is going to beat them to it in their forum they are saying this fall they will have DLNA support their box is only $100.00 to

      • METDeath commented  · 

        If we're doing this, we might as well ask that it also become a Netflix streaming device like Roku box or Xbox360.

      • ril31 commented  · 

        Please please please, il would be so great. Sure the WD would let the others in the wind.

      • Kiki-Lee commented  · 

        Great idea, support wired and wireless in official firmware!!! So we do not need hacked firmwares and workarounds.

      • erockachocalot commented  · 

        I would love to be able to access networked drives!

      • Unitflux commented  · 

        Tim, I don't agree they would shoot themselves anywhere.

        I'm NOT going to buy a new model after i just invested in this one. And who is going to say "I want LAN so i'm going to buy the model which doesn't really support it, only through a lot of work arounds instead of the one who supports it out of the box" clearly nobody.

      • Wayne commented  · 

        Wired network support is all that is left to allow me to kick my Windows Media PC to the curb!!! I have well established media library on a central server that multiple PC's in the house access. Do the right thing and don't mess with 100Mbs go straight for 1Gbs support. Wireless is convenient but when it comes to streaming 720P or 1080 media rips,even with N the sustained throughput is hard to maintain.

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