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Go to a precise time on a movie

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    anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Krzysztof Paszkiewicz commented  · 

        There is a way to jump 10 minutes forward. First you press the fast forward button so it goes with the speed x2 (or more, doesn't matter). Then you press the "next" button. Video will go forward 10 minutes. You pres "next" again, and it goes another 10 minutes forward. So this way you can go at least close to the point you need. Then use fast forward to find exact position.(works the same for REV)
        I don't know if this was in the instruction, but if I would know it before, it would save me a lot of time on FF the movies :)

      • lilivier commented  · 

        "The LEFT , RIGHT, UP, DOWN have no current function while in playback"
        --> This is wrong ! They are used to adjust subtitles position & sync.

      • PatF commented  · 

        Lets get this included quickly. How can wdtv be taken seriously without it.

      • Zaka commented  · 

        This would be a fantastic feature

      • jmgonza commented  · 

        This is crazy. Why does every single DVD player in the world have a chapter search? Come on. It's there for a reason and is universally used and recognized. It's absolutely a must. It shouldn't even be a debate. Let's see: would u rather use a cassette player or dvd player to search for your favorite song?

        This was a huge let down feature for me.

      • Suraj commented  · 

        Yes, option to 'seek ' will really make WD Live TV awesome as it is the only thing which I feel is missing....And It is really irritating at times to FF through the entire video to watch a particular scene....

      • gguerra3 commented  · 

        Better yet (and easier) when a progress bar is displayed pressing right arrow will advance slowly at first and if left pressed will begin to advance faster so you can quickly "drag" the progress to any point in the movie. Much like a DVR. Same goes for left arrow

      • Sandzeboss commented  · 

        Yes this option MUST exists on the wd tv player and can be easy to create:
        For example during the video the touch search is desactivated, so we can attribuate the search option for the time, and thanks to the up, down, left and right, we could jump to the time we want (as others said too)

      • kwisack commented  · 

        To go in the middle of a film from scratch is a mess.
        I suggest to implement the same approach used on the PS3, i.e. :
        1/ display a time counter like 00:00:00
        2/ to allow the user to select with the selection key either the hour, minute or second digits and make it blink
        3/ then the user is able to increase/decrease each counter to select the desired value
        4/ press OK to go to the desired time
        Thats it !

      • Tiago Andrade e Silva commented  · 

        The LEFT , RIGHT, UP, DOWN have no current function while in playback. Just put it jumping back and forward with a prefedined time slot. A MUST FEATuRE!

      • Steve commented  · 

        I don't really think its that needed. Provided the remote doesn't have digits, it would be a pain to enter.

        And besides, the WD TV already has the Fast forward 10min feature. In about 10 clicks I can skip 2 hours. Pretty easy to get around movies.

      • antonio111111 commented  · 

        I find the idea of marzoqi very, very good.
        At least it would help to change fast forward from 10-min. to 5-min.
        This would be more practical

      • Mikael commented  · 

        This option MUST be the most wanted option on the player ever. So, Please !!!!!

      • drabisan commented  · 

        That would the second best option, after ISO DVD menu support!

      • flexscan676 commented  · 

        yes , yes PLEASE !
        I use direct time jumps on my DVD player as well, very useful !

      • Kiki-Lee commented  · 

        Absolutely essential for comfort using WD TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • marzoqi commented  · 

        here I've got an idea , how about when forwarding u change fast forwarding for example while u forward at 2x speed then press fast forward it forwards 1 min , when forward at 4x then press fast forward it forwards 2 mins
        like this:
        2x....1 min
        4x.... 2 mins
        8x..... 5 mins
        16x....10 mins

        and the user gets to choose what speed he wants for fast forwarding

      • kitipout commented  · 

        Hi !
        Go to a precise time in a movie is like "mendatory" in my opinion (for exemple I want to show the end of a movie to a friend, why should I fastforward 16x during 15 min ... :( )

        Another thing that should be great is using LEFT or RIGHT during playback to jump back or forward by a time defined by using UP or DOWN (30 sec/1min/2min/5min/10min etc...), because these commands are not used at this time.

        Thanks !

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