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Add Hebrew subtitle support

Currently there is no Hebrew subtitle srt support. In order to view hebrew subtitles we need to convert them to IDX/SUB files.
It would really help if WD could add hebrew support.

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    woja shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please add Hebrew support**

      • Niv commented  · 

        Please add Hebrew support

      • moty commented  · 

        please add hebrew. You already added it on live !

      • Zach commented  · 

        WD aLL The Israelins needs SRT Can REad HEbrew PLZ To That !

      • doron commented  · 

        HI yosi and all,
        YOU are right - STOP begging WD!!
        I have the same problem!! i stop writing WD!!
        BUT! I convinced a lot of friends not to buy WD TVLIVE - and to buy Xstream in BUG stores

      • Yossi Kimron commented  · 

        Hi to all,
        Please stop to beg about hebrew support subtitles.
        It's undignified, they don't care but you have a workaround below.
        Steps to overcome this simple problem.

        1) Donwload the utility Txt2VobSub from http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/convert_subtitles_from_srt_to_sub-idx.cfm
        2) Install it on your computer (mine is a XP and it works fine)
        3) Run the utility
        4) Choose the output language "hebrew" of course we are all ....
        5) Choose the font name (i choose "Myriam transparent" )
        6) Font character set "Hebrew" (not sure that is a request)
        7) Choose font size , style and alignement
        8) load the srt file (you already downloaded from http://www.opensubtitles.org) in the input file field.
        9) Click on "Generate Vobsub"
        10) It will take a few minutes to accomplish the translation.
        11) Copy the created files to the folder where you Movie is and enjoy Haverim

        Best Regards,
        Yossi Kimron

      • erez commented  · 

        please please please add Hebrew subtitle support!

      • Benjamin e commented  · 

        Please add Hebrew support!!!!!!!!!

      • hell39 commented  · 

        Please !! add hebrew language support , and hebrew subtitle support to the WD TV Live (it should be easy because arabic is already supported).

      • ido T commented  · 

        I want to say to the all Wd company i need to be a shame . you have so may Hebrew talking costumers . and you not even review that subject?
        come on ?

      • vICTOR commented  · 


      • Orly commented  · 

        Please add Hebrew support

      • Ofer commented  · 

        I'll be happy to assist with coding

      • Daniel commented  · 

        its so easy, open the sources and we will do it oursalve! (all the sources including drivers)

      • Guy Yakobovitch commented  · 

        Just one more person who ask you to take care of that issue!!!
        If linux has hebrew, for WD it's piece of cake!

      • Pabloko commented  · 

        I'll gladly recommend this product to everyone I know, but the lack of this feature turns an otherwise excellent product into a very time consuming device (due to the need to decode the subtitles for every video). please. help us. PS: if you need help with the translation of the OSD I'll be glad to help.

      • Tom Veil commented  · 

        Yes, please! Many of my friends are also waiting for Hebrew subtitles support.

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