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Gapless audio

Even when the audio file itself does not contain undesirable gaps, software, firmware and hardware design often add gaps during playback. In some cases, software closes and re-opens the output stream when switching tracks, causing the hardware to create a very short "click". This problem is solved in more sophisticated designs of gapless playback.

A different design problem relates to software/firmware/hardware which are not ready to seamlessly move to the next track by the time the current track is complete. In this scenario, the listener is left waiting in silence as the player locates the next file, reads it, decodes the first blocks if necessary and then starts loading the buffer for playback. The gap can be as much as half a second, or even more — very noticeable in "continuous" music such as certain classical or dance genres.

Many older audio players on personal computers do not implement the required buffering to play gapless audio. Some of these rely on third-party gapless audio plug-ins to buffer output. Some newer players and newer versions of old players now support gapless playback directly.

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      • Chris63 commented  · 

        I purchased three Netgear products to get gapless playback and JUST purchased the WD TV ahead of gapless being provided as I thought a decent company like WD would listen to what customers want and like to make some BIG money out of this feature and consequent selling point.

        Sadly my first Netgear product was purchased before discovering the horrible gaps (what a JOKE ! ! ! Who actually bothered to put crap like this into production? Obviously not a music lover) which I just couldn't beleive any manufacturer would do, it's brainelss - or perhaps it's the customers that are brainless? So Netgear told me I should buy their (then) new NTV550 that actualy features full gapless playback. I was so pleased I bought two, one for a surprise gift for my brother who was also suffering those gaps and clicks. I had a surprise as still no such thing as gapless playback - they promised to resolve the issue and kept in regular contact with me for over a year before telling me "sorry but we are no longer supporting this product and we will give you a refund for both units". So still minus a gapless player four years on.

        I just spotted the WD TV Media Player and was stupid enough to purchase it before checking this forum out. I thought a decent company like WD are certain to put this right so brainlessly purchased it first. Hmmm, seem to be more of the same crap as with Netgear and endless people desperately trying to find a gapless player.

        I thought that Sony might have produced this by now, so it's very strange that nobody wants to capture the market, I suspect they are all to ashamed to admit that they just can figure it out, hence the much dragging of time?

        For those who think it's not possible, Netgear did get it to work with their NTV550 model but sadly not through their on screen user interface as stated in their user guide. As with the WD TV you get an on screen display that allows you to navigate through the various functions, Setup, Music, Video, Pictures etc, with lots of sub sections. If you set up the option in settings for mp3 music playback to "Gapless mode" then when you navigate through the Music option and search for your choice of album, select play and it should play gaplessly as per the manual. But it doesn not. After a lot of messing about I discovered if you go into "Browse Folders" search and select play when the chosen artist / album folder is highlighted, it will do full gapless playback. BUT my problem with this is that you don't get the album art displayed on screen and some features that make it easy to navigate are not there as you have gone directly into browse the folders. When you play a track, the display shows one track the total length of the album with sub-divisions along the sound-bar that indicate the possition of playback in relation to the tracks. You can jump forward and it does play without any clicks or gaps. So if you can tollerate this crappy interface and also the frequent crashes, these units crash on average three times a week when played each day for perhaps 3 hours per day. When they crash you have to re-set the box and then it has to re-scan your hard drive, which takes about 50 minutes for a 400Gb collection. In the end, you might find it easier to play your CD's, that's why I am tired of trying to use it.

        I'm not even going to take my new unit out of it's box, it can go in the pile with the Netgear crap. Don't buy these things, just stick to the CD's or use FLAC, which is totally gapless and although about five times bigger than 320HQ mp3 (average, based on level 8 compression) it is lossless and can always be used to re-burn your CD's if they get damaged.

        Lets all live in hope that somebody solves this problem before a new format is found and mp3 is scrapped (as it might as well be).

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        R I P W D you should have listened to paying customers. My wdtv hub will be going on ebay!

      • drSeehas commented  · 

        I sold my WD TV Live player. I have waited long enough for this *essential* feature :-(
        I am very dissappointed. Shame on you, WD.

      • Asim commented  · 

        My WDTV is not switching ON.After pressing power button on remote for a few seconds power light goes ON then become OFF please tell me what to do now.I already reseted as well but no use.

      • Simmo commented  · 

        I'm looking to replace my WDTV with one that does gapless audio as it's driving me up the wall. Anyone got any suggestions?

      • Jari commented  · 

        I have been using WDTV for over a year now. I am happy with the video support, but the audio support does not perform welll enough because it does not support playback of gapless audio files, in particular FLAC encoded files. This is an important issue for me and now I have started thinking of replacing WDTV with another media player that can play gapless audio. I hope this issue will be solved soon, hopefully with a new firmware version.

      • DJD commented  · 

        The WDTV Live Streaming Media Player is a great product. However gapless playback is is really important to me and many others. It is way more important than many of the bells and whistles that have already been implemented. I see that this feature is planned but please, please, please prioritise it to be implemented soon.

        Perhaps if the WDTV staff were forced to listen to their favourite live album through WDTV on indefinite repeat with all those gaps inserted it would get implemented sooner... :-).

      • Steffen_2009 commented  · 

        So the first idea to add gapless playback of audio files came up two years ago in March 2010.

        Right now, my WD TV live streaming media player, is still not able to play gapless audio files.

        This is a really essential feature for the whole audio sector, WD really should add it - or just tell us, why they are not doing it.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I stopped waiting for feature, Sold it off.. There are many good M.players are available in market

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Huge disappointment when I found out my recently bought WD Live couldn't play gapless audio...

      • Oodles commented  · 

        Gapless audio playback would be terrific, looking forward to it.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        So it is planned, but when ? this request is almost 2 year old.

      • Matt commented  · 

        Yes, I just bought a HD TV and loved it until I came across this problem. Windows Media Player doesn't have this issue, so I hope WD will fix soon. Will this be a firmware update I hope or will we have to buy a new unit? I will probably return my HD TV as I've only had it a week and wait until they fix this most pressing issue.

      • Stef commented  · 

        Very essential. Listen to music with gap or click between tracks is very fustrating for anyone loves music.
        You have one of the most fabulous media player on the market, with leave a such problem (apparently) so easy to change ??
        Please make a big pleasure to people is loving music ...

      • kenlin commented  · 

        Essential. I just tried listening to The Wall, and it was soo frustrating.


      • ade commented  · 

        lack of gapless on the WDTV live is slowling taking away my will to live.

      • Dave1972 commented  · 

        It is SO frustrating trying to find a simple, relatively cheap little media player that will play gapless audio. Apart from the Squeezebox range (which are more tailored for network streaming) there is NOTHING on the market at the moment that can do it (unless you spend several hundred pounds). Many of us simply want a media player that we can attach an external hard drive to, and play our lossless music (and films) without the PC being switched on. Is this so hard? Apparently so...

      • lion commented  · 

        This is something essential on any serious player. I'm badly disappointed by this missing feature

      • Patrik commented  · 

        Essential for any serious audio player! Before implemented, this media player is off my list.

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